Don’t Tell These Students That Fusion Is “Impossible”

The Braniac's version of "Friday Night LIghts" I just love stories likes this: Thanks to Carl Greninger and a partnership with Federal Way Public Schools, a select group of students are given the privilege of performing scientific experiments with Greninger's fully functional IEC-9000 nuclear fusion reactor. Greninger works as the IT operations program manager for …

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Another Fusioneer Earns Some “Ink”

There's a nice write up about another one of the younger Fusor builders, Ben Bartlett, at thestate.com.  (Apparently it's a Columbia, South Carolina newspaper website.  The site doesn't actually identify itself as anything other than "South Carolina's Homepage."  OK, fine, if you say so…)  Here's an excerpt:  Just how brightly does Ben’s star shine? Just …

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Hacking The Universe

"Veteran" Fusioneer Chad Ramey came to Nashville last week to speak at a hacker's convention called "PhreakNic."  It was a petty impressive demonstration, too… and probably not what any of the spectators expected. After all, it's not every day that a college student wheels a cart into a conference room and proceeds to produce an …

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