Geek Cred for Chad Ramey at Dragon-Con

ChadSeems our own Chad Ramey has been tapped as one of the must-see speaker/presenters at this year's Dragon-Con in Atlanta, held over the coming Labor Day weekend.

The event is described as "four days, debauchery the likes of which would put Sodom and
Gomorrah to shame takes over downtown Atlanta, as geeks from around the
world celebrate all things science fiction."

Chad will be making three appearances at this year's event:

On Saturday afternoon he'll be on the "Evil Geniuses for a Better
Tomorrow" panel (2:30 p.m., Capitol Ballroom, Sheraton), complete with a
nuclear reactor demo and liquid nitrogen ice cream. He'll also be at
Saturday night's Hacking 101 panel (7 p.m., Marriott A601-602) followed
by the "Fusion Reactors and Space Robots" discussion (8:30 p.m., Hanover
C-E, Hyatt) talking more about nuclear fusion and his internship with
NASA. Finally, on Sunday he'll take part in a no-holds-barred debate
over "Fission vs. Fusion" (7 p.m., 202 Hilton) showing his support for
the latter. "After my summer at NASA I've realized that fusion power
will be essential to future long-distance space travel and to possibly
build civilizations on the moon or Mars," Ramey says. "It's safer and
more controllable than fission, as well as up to 63 times more powerful —
two atoms that fuse release a great deal more energy than one that

Always nice to see somebody from these parts bridging the gap between science fiction and science fact in the future.

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