Another Fusioneer Earns Some “Ink”

BenbartlettThere's a nice write up about another one of the younger Fusor builders, Ben Bartlett, at  (Apparently it's a Columbia, South Carolina newspaper website.  The site doesn't actually identify itself as anything other than "South Carolina's Homepage."  OK, fine, if you say so…)  Here's an excerpt: 

Just how brightly does Ben’s star shine?

Just recently, the Lexington High School junior participated in several state and national science events, taking home top honors, including first place at the 50th National Junior Science and Humanities Symposium held in Bethesda, Md., in May. He’s South Carolina’s first grand winner in that competition.

A week later, at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, Bartlett won the European Organization for Nuclear Research Award and placed fourth among the fair’s grand awards. At that same event, he also earned an all-expenses paid trip to tour the Hadron Particle Collider, the world’s largest particle accelerator, outside Geneva, Switzerland. He leaves for that trip on Saturday.

“That’s the big award that all the kids in the physics competitions want to win and go to,” said Ben’s mother, Melissa Bartlett, laughing.

I guess as I type this, Ben is in Switzerland, exploring the giant hollow underground donut knowas as "Hadron." 

Watch you step, Ben, I hear that thing is pretty fragile… let us know if you find any Bosons…

(And thanks, Ben, for mentioning '' in the video that accompanies this article.)


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