Poster for "Oppenheimer"

Oppenheimer, Einstein – and Farnsworth

Have you seen “Oppenheimer” yet? I saw it last week. There is an erudite discussion of the film here at the Waterstar sister site,, which includes my personal review of the film.  Other regulars add some interesting insight into the development of nuclear weapons and their aftermath. I also posted some thoughts about what …

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Philo Farnsworth with an early Image Dissector tube, ca 1930

Apollo 11 +50:
Please Remember This Man, Too

Cut to the chase: Follow this link to Chapter 20: Tranquility Base at * On Tuesday, July 16, 2019, the world will begin commemorating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, that improbable mission that culminated four days later with Neil Armstrong’s historic “giant leap for mankind.” In recent weeks, there have already been recollections …

Apollo 11 +50:
Please Remember This Man, Too
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Why Nuclear Fusion Is Always 30 Years Away

I dunno, maybe because most of the money seems to get siphoned off for the biggest, most cumbersome, complex, and costly (the 3-Cs of most fusion research)  schemes and machines money can buy (and the bloated scientific staffs that build them) to solve what is essentially a simple challenge? Why Nuclear Fusion Is Always 30 Years …

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#BOFN: “Safety”

If you’ve read anything about the promise of nuclear fusion, one of the words you encounter most frequently is “safe.” As in nuclear fusion will one day be a “clean, safe, and inexhaustible…” source of nuclear energy. Yeah, well, maybe.  Relatively speaking. Compared to the nuclear reactors online today, yes, fusion is probably “safer” than fission. …

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