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The extensive knowledge base that comprises Fusor.net has been compiled over a period of nearly 20 years (the first iteration of the site was created in 1998).

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Fusor design, construction, and operation engages a fairly high level of skill in several different but related disciplines:

  • machining
  • high voltage generation and control
  • vacuum technology
  • ion gun design and construction
  • neutron and radiation (evidence of fusion) detection

Most of what you will find in the Forums is specific, detailed information about the theory behind the construction and operation of a Farnsworth Fusor (actually a “Hirsh/Meeks Variation”).  Since the information has been compiled in a “BBS” format, the most valuable info tends to be buried in threads that go back several years.  As of this writing (October, 2015) the administrators of the site are looking into ways to make this wealth of information more readily accessible. 

In the meantime, in order to expedite your immersion in the field. we have compiled the most valuable introductory information in a series of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) posts that can be found at the top in each of the “Construction & Operation” sections of the forums.

If you’re looking for a point of entry, we suggest you begin with these fundamental FAQs

For your convenience, you can go straight to all the FAQs by following these links:

  1. FAQs: Fusion & Fusor Theory
  2. FAQs: Fusor Construction & Operation
  3. FAQs: Vacuum Technology
  4. FAQs: High Voltage
  5. FAQs: Ion Gun Design and Construction
  6. FAQs: Neutron – Radiation Detection

Once you have built your fusor and produced verifiable nuclear fusion, you’ll want to be admitted to the Neutron Club‘ – our exclusive listing of people around the world who have likewise proven that “the impossible takes a little longer.”   Before your request can be considered, please take a close look at the criteria spelled out in:

FAQ: Neutron Club – Process and data needed for claiming fusion

There is also a section or the forums dedicated to Advanced Technical Discussions where the most experienced and knowledgeable members of our community collaborate to advance the art.

Fusor.net is, like everything else on the Internet a work in progress.  If you have questions or suggestions, you’re welcome to contact the site host, aka The Perfesser.

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