At Last: Farnsworth is in the Hall of Fame!

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There's been an increase in traffic to the Farnovision site in the past week or so, which is quite possibly a result of the recent news that Philo T. Farnsworth – arguably the man who started it all – will be inducted next month into the Television Hall of Fame:

year’s honorees include Emmy®-winning actor/director/producer Ron
Howard, legendary sportscaster Al Michaels, iconic network executive
Leslie Moonves, acclaimed journalist Bob Schieffer and prolific
writer-producer Dick Wolf. Additionally, Philo T. Farnsworth, credited
with inventing all-electronic television transmission, will be inducted
posthumously. The inductees will be honored during a gala ceremony at
The Beverly Hilton Hotel on March 11, 2013, which is sponsored by Audi®.
The Hall of Fame gala will be executive produced by noted television
producer Phil Gurin (Oh Sit!, Shark Tank, The Singing Bee).

Of course, whenever the name of Philo T. Farnsworth bumps up against the established interests in the industry his invention spawned, controversy looms in the wings. 

But this event will a reunion of sorts for a lot of people who have been carrying the Farnsworth torch for a long time  A lifetime in the case of all those Farnsworths, nearly four decades in the case of this writer. 

The occasion is also an opportunity to pass that torch on to a new generation (apologies to JFK).

It stands to be a joyous occaasion for all concerned, and while the interest of setting the record straight after decades of misinformation is never far from our priorities (even as the play continues to find new audiences), the universal hope is that we'll all be able to set the controversies aside at least long enough for everybody involved to enjoy this particular occasion.


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