Hacking The Universe


"Veteran" Fusioneer Chad Ramey came to Nashville last week to speak at a hacker's convention called "PhreakNic."  It was a petty impressive demonstration, too… and probably not what any of the spectators expected. After all, it's not every day that a college student wheels a cart into a conference room and proceeds to produce an artificial star. In real time, too.  I mean, he hooked it up, pumped it down, and within a few minutes had a star on the video screen.

Chad even makes his own deuterium!  He described how it was going to cost more than $400 in shipping to get his deuterium bottle filled (hazardous material, you know?), so he created his own electrolysis system to distill the deuteirum in real time and feed it into the the reactor.  Correct me if I'm wrong, butI think this is the first time anybody's gone straight from water to fusion. 

One of these days… straight from water to electricity? 

"A Star In A Jar," he called it…  I wonder where he got that expression?


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