Vive Les Nukes!

From CBS 60 Minutes – April 8, 2007:

With power demands rising and concerns over global warming
increasing, what the world needs now is an efficient means of producing
large amounts of carbon free energy. One of the few available options
is nuclear, a technology whose time seemed to come and go and may now
be coming again.

For the first time in decades, new nuclear plants are being built,
and not just in Iran and North Korea. With zero green house gas
emissions, the U.S. government, public utilities and even some
environmental groups are taking a second look at nuclear power.

And as correspondent Steve Kroft reports, one of the first the
places they are looking is to France, where it has been a resounding
success and the attitude is "Vive Les Nukes."

Link: France: Vive Les Nukes, Steve Kroft On How France Is Becoming The Model For Nuclear Energy Generation – CBS News.

"Wind and solar are you know, temporary sources of energy. It works when you have wind, it works when you have sun. No sun, no wind, no energy. You don’t want watch TV only when you have wind."
— Anne Lauvergeon

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