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Brace yourselves for an onslaught of newbies… WIRED magazine has just issued this article at wired.com that covers the full range of fusion experiments in the world today, and prominently features the work that our members here at fusor.net are conducting: 

is, however, a problem: Fusion doesn’t work. In hopes of changing that,
international consortia have plunged billions into research, with the
latest project, ITER, tagged at $13.3 billion. Even so, scientists
expect it will take ITER decades to consistently produce more energy
than its consumes.

Faced with such immense price tags, it’s easy to be startled by
the work of people like Thiago Olson, Frank Sanns and Raymond Jimenez.
These men all share one thing in common: they’ve all built fusors —
simple, fully-functional fusion reactors — using readily available
parts, and shared their experiments online.)   

They call themselves fusioneers.   

"Fusion has always intrigued me, but did not seem like the kind of
thing you could do in your basement," said Sanns. "It is quite involved
but quite elegant, and … the fusion is spectacular."

I don’t know if it’s been mathematically proven yet, but I still suspect that even our low-yield fusors are generating far more fusion-per-dollar than those billion dollar boondoggles…

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Link: Fusion Experiments Show Nuclear Power’s Softer Side –.

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