I Guess There’s Not Enough Water Here…

….so the Chinese are thinking about going to the Moon. to get Helium-3 for their nuclear fusion experiments.

Today the Chinese are reaching for the moon. The first step, the launching of an unmanned lunar orbiter, is tentatively scheduled for April 17. A three-man mission will orbit the Earth later this year, and a spacewalk is planned for next year. Two years after that, the plan is to put down a lunar rover, followed in 2020 by a craft that will collect lunar samples and bring them home.

But why are the Chinese in such a hurry to get to the moon and bring samples back? What are they after? What they are after is a limitless source of clean energy to feed their voracious economy. The moon is rich on helium 3 (3He), which is a potential fuel for nuclear fusion.


Y’all be sure to say hello to Alice when you get there….

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