“World’s Biggest Science Experiment”

As I was saying:  Fusion falters under soaring costs.

Some scientists also believe that the technical hurdles to fusion have become more difficult to overcome and that the development of fusion as a commercial power source is still at least 100 years away.

At a meeting in Japan on Wednesday, members of the governing Iter council will review the plans and may agree to scale back the project.

"This is a vast global project to show the scientific feasibility of fusion as a limitless source of energy.
"On top of this platform we are going to build 130 buildings. The main building will contain the Iter machine itself.
"It will be huge – the size of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris – and it'll weigh about the same as a battleship – 36,000 tonnes of metal and instrumentation."

What's the old saying, 'fusion is 100 years in the future and always will be"? Sounds to me like they're going to need an infinite source of energy just to build the damn thing.

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