More “Fusioneers” In the News


and this time from across the pond. 

Physics Web, the online journal of the Institute of Physics in the UK, has run a very nice article about the Fusor and people in the UK and Ireland who are building them.  Comparing the Fusor to the humongous ITER now being built in France, author Edwin Cartlidge writes,

the device that sits on a bench in the corner of a quiet laboratory at Cambridge University. Like the reactors built by professional scientists, this machine can be used to create fusion reactions – tens of thousands of deuterium–deuterium reactions per second. But this device, known as a “fusor”, cost about £3000 and was put together by two secondary-school students in the garage of one of their parents’ houses in Torquay.

Download the entire article in .pdf format from the link in this post in the forums

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