High Schooler makes as “Star In A Jar”

Hey kid, that's MY phrase.  I started using it in like 1975.  Get you're own clever phrase (just kidding…I think…). 

12599covingtonFOSS_2WEB Eric Foss, a junior at Kentwood High School, won the second place
grand award and $1,500 in the physics and astronomy category for his
project titled “Star in a Jar” at the 2009 INTEL International Science
& Engineering Fair in Reno, Nev. the week of May 10-15.

Foss was a winner at the Washington State Science & Engineering Fair and advance to the engineering fair

In addition, Foss won a first place award of $1,250 from the vacuum technology division of the American Vacuum Society.

one of the first and second place winners, Foss will have a near earth
asteroid named after him.

the week of the fair, Foss also met new Tonight Show host Conan O’Brien
and was interviewed by author Judy Dutton for her new book “Science
Fair Season.”

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