Fusion is SO Hot….

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.59.48 AM…it’s on the cover of TIME Magazine this week.

I discovered last night that the cover story of this coming week’s edition of TIME Magazine (dated Nov 2, 2015) is all about the quest for fusion – which is suddenly a hot topic now that it’s starting to attract all kinds of Silicon Valley, tech-titan, and VC money.

Unfortunately, the online version of the story is behind TIME.com’s paywall.  They don’t even let you view a limited number of articles per month, like most digital versions of legacy print media (like the New York Times) do.  They want you to subscribe for $3/mo to read the one article.

Well, pardon me but… fuck that.  Here’s a PDF of the story you can download and read at your leisure:  Time_Fusion.pdf. I suggest you save the article to your own hard drive lest some lawyer for TIME insist we take the link down.

There is some deliberate, conscientious rebelliousness to this act of digital defiance.

Those of us in the “Open Source” fusion community – on this and other sites – adhere to the conviction that, once achieved, the knowledge that makes fusion possible needs to be freely circulated.  It cannot be become the property of any single capitalist enterprise or consortium. It cannot be monopolized like fossil fuel production and distribution.  It should not be any more “proprietary” than that other form of combustion – you know, fire.

So, at the risk of defying the gods of digital commerce, this story is being made available to the “open source” fusion community here. 

You’re welcome.

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