Only $40-Million??

Venture Capital in Silicon Valley is contemplating nuclear fusion:

Link: RED HERRING | Startup Chases Nuclear Fusion.

Even with all the hullabaloo about clean energy, few scenarios are as pie-in-the-sky as nuclear fusion power. The sun and stars are powered by fusion reactions, and scientists have been working for more than half a century in hopes of harnessing the phenomenon to develop a clean and abundant source of energy here on Earth.

Enter Tri Alpha Energy. The Foothill Ranch, California-based startup last month raised $40 million in venture capital to do just that, seemingly upending all Silicon Valley logic. “Our primary application is to build an alternative energy platform for power generation,” says Dale Prouty, CEO of Tri Alpha, which is so publicity-shy it doesn’t have a web site. “But we’re a long way from knowing if this is going to work or not.”

I hope they’re doing their homework before they start spending that $40-Million, or they’re gonna wind up like Jimmy Olsen, burning their cash just to contact Superman…